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Originally Posted by Blk06GT
Yea it would be one thing if what he said made sence or even followed some kind organized arguement but he's all over the place.
Let me make it clear for you -using small words and short sentences:

1) GTers clone as much or more than sixers.

2) the S197 is a clone. For the price you could buy a genuine article (that means the REAL CAR).

3) There isn't that much to take off a GT. Most of the equipment is junk (that means, they are going to swap the engine, transmission, suspension and brakes with better equipment). That's why all Saleens, Roushes, Steedas, etc start out a Sixers.

4) Given the above, I don't see that many 6 clones. You can look at the membership here. but most sixers are one-off modifiers (that means they put together their own custom parts based on their performance potential). You won't find two that are exactly the same at many car shows. While you WILL find several GTs that are exactly the same.

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