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Originally Posted by kscoyote
Let me make it clear for you -using small words and short sentences:

1) GTers clone as much or more than sixers.

2) the S197 is a clone. For the price you could buy a genuine article (that means the REAL CAR).

3) There isn't that much to take off a GT. Most of the equipment is junk (that means, they are going to swap the engine, transmission, suspension and brakes with better equipment). That's why all Saleens, Roushes, Steedas, etc start out a Sixers.

4) Given the above, I don't see that many 6 clones. You can look at the membership here. but most sixers are one-off modifiers (that means they put together their own custom parts). You won't find two that are exactly the same at many car shows. While you WILL find several GTs that are exactly the same.
Sigh.. Once again your off topic...
But for the sake of argueing ok..

1. Your statement while purely opinion is false. Pure number say since there are more V6's(by far) than Gt's there would be more Clonin/customizing being done by V'6s... I have never argued that i liked Gt cloning....So plz get that straight. Stop debating me on arguements i havent made...WHile now that we are on the subject i can understand y more GT's clone than V6's. I could understand even more with the current mode due to the Much larger price gap between the GT's and GT500's. A gap which most cannot over come while the same is not true for the V6. So stop argueing me on the point of gt vs v6's cloning i do not support either.

2. The S197 is not a clone...Ive been civil up till now but if you cant see that basic point then your a total idiot. A clone is an exact to almost exact with minor differences. If you dont understand that then you really need help. The 2005+ GT is a clone of NO car. A V6 can clone a GT or GT500. A Gt can clone a V6 or GT500. A GT can NOT clone its self. There is nothing to clone except maybe color rims and spoiler or no spoiler.t match another oneusands of other s197 Gt's out there that look a like. In that case every single Gt would look a like and that just makes no sence. This model is simply a model designed with retro theme. Your whole statement here is subpar and needs rethinging on your part. You are 100% wrong . The only way you can be right is to produce a 60's version of this GT with the exact same dimensions, materials, etc... I hope you do not take this level of comprehension with you to your place of employement. You sir are lacking in this department.

3. And your statement that Roush/Saleen/steeda designed their stuff for V6'ers HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Show me. GO to ther site...Thier stuff was designed for a GT with an optional adaptation for a V^ if the customer wants. This arguements is even more stupid than the last. They are for performance which is the more performance engine the 6 or the 8.. If you say 6 you need to sell you car and buy a honda. I have yet to see a v6 steeda/roush/saleen for sale on dealer lot 100% of the 8 i have seen are all GT's..

4. You dont see that many 6 clones.. I think you need to go to the almost dead V6 section and see how many posts or topics are about will the GT this or that fit us...blah blah blah..

You really need to comprehend what you read and say.. Someone plz step in and take over for this guy.. Its 1 thing to talk to me about facts or even opinions that make sence but its another to just talke out your butt. Plz stop.
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