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Originally Posted by kscoyote
1) Now let's have a look at your car.

2) because an EXACT clone wouldn't be street legal, now would it? Tell me what those louvers y'all get hard-on for look like? those wheels? The roofline? puhleeze.

3) check again what they're purchasing. The LARGEST supplier of GT Takeoffs is Saleen. Call 'em up yourself. The only GT work Roush does is the Stage 1 -which is only body cladding, and a few tweaks. Stage 2 & 3s start out as sixers. If you're going to use a 5.4, why pay for a 4.6?

4) go ahead, prove it.

5) I've never seen a GT that looks like Afixers car. Have you?
1. Sure drool at is its a Black )6 Vert.. WIsh you had one dont you.
2. Not a clone dummy. NIce try though
3.You are wrong. prove it. REally wrong at that.
4/5. Look at a fixer while i like his car its just a GT with black stripes..And the V6 section is near dead.. at least on this forum on the others its bustleing with the lasted GT cloning info.

oohhh i get it now your a forum troll
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