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Originally Posted by kscoyote

The big gorilla, of course, is the S351. Introduced with the SN95 body style in 1994, this is the car many Mustang freaks think Ford should have produced all along. Of course it isn't cheap. S351s start life as V6 cars, with one exception. In addition to the usual suspension, cosmetic, and interior mod's, the entire drive train is trashed. In its placed goes a 5.8 Liter, 351-cubic inch Windsor with all the performance bells and goodies you could wish for. Rated from to 484 to 507HP, depending on the year, the S351 is a tire-shredding, Viper-eating monster. Not a car you'd want to pick a fight with lightly!
dont jump on me this time cause i'm sort of stayin out of the rough stuff but how can you point out that it started off life as a v6 if the first thing they did was yank out the v6 engine and toss it into the trash before they dropped a v8 into it...i mean really..the only reason those guys like to buy v6s and create their cars is cause all the stuff inside they can just throw away....sure they start out as a v6...if those guys could they'd just order the empty stang shell...
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