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Originally Posted by afixer
is that pointed at me. if it was i guess its true . because evertime i stop by i see these stupid threads that the mods let go for 400 plus post and wonder why i came back . i post alot of the tsb's and service docs on other forums just to help out. i never mention the fact that out of the 30 plus tsb's are mostly for the v8 that would just be uncool to my v8 big brothers. but hey i know alot of you v8 guys love to kick the little guy and thats cool too! to each his or her own. i just like to come around and share knowledge and better the car but maybe its not in the cards. bummer
hang out in the 6 forums -this is the 2005+ general forums, so they can get away with murder.

The 6 forums are generally kinder, gentler places.

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