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Originally Posted by afixer
hell i dont know but it showed up after i guess i bashed the forum. my point was that the mods let this kinda stuff go. you would think with all the other crap going on in the world. at least the mustang guys and gals could get along. but you will always have those guys. heck i was at ricky and ronnies the other night and everyone was checking out the car . than this guy comes up and said looks nice but im gona get on and put a 600 hp chevy in it. WTF so it takes all kinds. we then talked about street racing . as a father of 4 in LA cal watching the news and everyday kids getting killed or killing familys im not a big fan. sam guy said ive been street racing for year its safe. and this guy is in his 50s . i have seen it all! could have had a v8 didnt want to wait and didnt need the extra hp this one is fine for me.
The difference was 1 sec to 60, and 1 sec to 1/4 mile. I couldn't see paying $10000 extra in upfront costs, insurance and gas.

I was fine with the six, but I missed my 390 and 302. in Kansas, there isn't much between Salina and Denver or Albuquerque -Even the truckers regularly go 90+mph. There isn't the population density there is in California. But the whole reason I got rid of the cougar was it was costing me a ton of money on gas, and it wasn't worth it.

My old 302 got 25 mpg, and I was looking to do the swap into the cougar, but the gas costs were eating it all up, so I got the six.

It's a great little car, and with all the money I'm saving, I'm doing a lot of suspension setup.

I outgrew Street Racing my Junior year of college. Saw the type, and didn't want to be a part of that scene anymore. Got out of Motorcycle Racing my Freshman year.

Too much too lose.

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