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Originally Posted by kscoyote
Only a 4th grade mentality thinks the truth is an attack. Ask our president. Or a 34 year old streetracer.


I'm just asking, If you know you're going to mod the car, why buy a GT? For the label?

I grew out of the same 80s stew as Saleen, When we modded cars, we took off all the labels. If there were any on the car it was LX which could be anything. I had a 68 302, with all the chrome removed, even the drip rails. The tail -lights were redone with NO chrome. The whole car was painted maple nut red, and had 7 different color stripes -there were only two like it in the whole country. The car could have been a 200 I-six.

The whole 5.0 thing was a GEN-X thing. It was also a Cold War thing. We got it from European rodders -our fathers, uncles and parents stationed in Germany brought back pics of what they were driving, and we liked the look. look it up or ask someone in the know back then. I still remember the pics my Chinese language teacher brought back from Germany -he used to be Naval intelligence.

The Chevy monkeys were still jacking up the rear ends runing drag radials, running primer, etc, that was 70s stuff. We went for dropped even suspension, cornering + speed, and understatement.

Only the Chevy Monkeys were concerned about IROC this, and Z28 that. They were running glass packs, and side pipes with huge engine cube designations on the sides of their cars. You couldn't tell what we were running except for the tailpipe, and we usually ran pretty quiet (turbo) mufflers at that. the 302s didn't sound like the 302s that were from the factory. (Ford later hired a bunch of engineers to get "the sound" and got em to replicate it with the 4.6L. )

Now my neighbor (who is a Chevy Monkey) says: "Dang I wish chevy could bottle that sound up. Why don't YOU get some of those mufflers -Oh that's right -you have a Six" And I told him, I'll bet you a hundred dollars I could take any of your vehicles with my six. (He's got a Grand Am a Truck, and an Achieva, and his Brother inlaw has an S10 Extreme.

He didn't want to run to the raceway to find out.

So I feel like I'm back in the 80s. Except the Gters are becoming more an dmore like Chevy monkeys. My sister who just graduated from high school is tellin gme parachute pants are in (she never heard of MC Hammer) and Jasmine's nephew is wearing them (he doesn't know what Hammertime is either).

One thing we GenXers do is change the rules. So I'm not following the V8 Rule anymore. It's boring. Labels are still boring, and so is branding.

I'll stick with the six.
me bein a streetracer really bothers you kscoyote? you seem to bring it up on every page...wellll tough buddy...heres hopin i splash water on ya in a rain storm!...ha ha....anyways...why buy a gt if you are gonna mod it?are you serious? moddin doesnt mean you yank an engine fact...yankin an engine isnt moddin at all...moddin means makin your car know...modification and all that....i think i said for the upteenth time that i didnt have anythin personal against the v6 engine but i like the gt better cause the mod ceiling is soo much can build a kick ass v6...maybe get 400 or so hp...but the gt can get 600 or so hp...get it...higher hp ceiling...thats all i said...ah hell...seee ya done made me forget theres no debating your dubious bad...go on and make yaself happy callin me a streetracer some more...i'm proud of the life

side note....can anyone tell me why this coyote is still debatin in the 2005+ forum...does he own a 2005 stang? blk06gt was right about him...
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