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Originally Posted by nghtrnnr
changed that quote a bit didya?...kscoyote...well...i guess i should address the recently added first sentence yet again mentioning the streetracin thing...first off i should say i thought we were debatin how v6 guys take the heat but okay since you are obsessed with my streetracin attention now...THERE IS A WHOLE SUBCULTURE AROUND YOU FILLED WITH BIKERS AND DRIVERS WHO RACE IN THE STREET...WE MOD OUR CARS TO BE FASTER THAN THE NEXT GUY AND THEN SHOW THEM OFF IN COMPETITONS IN SECRET PARTS OF NEIGHBORHOODS LATE AT NIGHT AND SOMETIMES DURING THE DAY...PEOPLE OF ALL AGES ARE THERE....16YR OLDS...20YR OLDS..30 YR OLDS...40 YR OLDS...50 YR OLDS....AND YES...CHANCES ARE THE GIRL YOU PEEK OUT YOUR WINDOW AT WILL BE THERE TOO YOU SICK FREAK YOU... you have to get a hobby buddy...i build computers....i travel(mostly in my stang)i drink more than i should...i boink the girls stuffy guys like you dream about...get out and live a little know what? if you wanna come with me and check out the midnight club let me know...i'll introduce ya to a few gals with no waist...big hooters and a round ol' booty...we can race down the middle a few times...all fun...bring one of them classic cars ya got.theres a spot tonight i'm gonna race in the bronx...short notice i know...but next week on the should go bro

pm me
Sorry, Got a son to take care of, his college fund, a mortgage and a wife who used to be a Bunny.

Don't need no street ho's.

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