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Originally Posted by kj_cinci
You guys are geting silly now...

I'd luv for my car to look like a V6, but I'm not going to pay for it it spend time on it.

My car was about 5K more than a 4.0, those 5K was well worth for the power to play around with some basic mods first year... not to mention how much easier it is when you allready have some strenght in your drivetrain...

Streetracing is probably very dangerous... and illigal...

Hope you don't drink and drive nghtrnnr...

Oh well... Good night!
Like I said, my plans were for an aluminum blocked 302, a six speed, and an SVT IRS. There wasn't anything in a GT I needed.

Didn't want the 4.6, didn't want the 5 speed, and didn't want the stick-axle. Didn't want the seats -planned on deleting the rear seats (It's coming up after I finish with the chassis -still looking for 2 parts, a Kenny Brown [now engineered performance] rear strut tower brace and the last under chassis brace) -but brakes may move up on the list . . ..

Of course, now that I've decided to stick with the 3.8L, I may have to source an Aisin 6-speed and fabricate a bellhousing . . .

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