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Okay, still don't know the oil pressure operating range. However, I feel more comfortable about racing this weekend after taken the car for a drive.

The track pack comes with 5W50 oil compared to the non track package Mustangs that come with 5W20. Since this oil is thicker it takes more time to warm up to be more viscous.

Here's what I saw today: After driving the in 97 F and getting the car warmed up it held pretty steady at around 80 psi through out the rpms. Engine temp was 200 F. However, I took it up to 80 mph in 4th gear and it got to 90 psi (I was in a 70 mph zone with no traffic). After that the oil pressure for the rest of the drive held around 78 psi through out the rpms. Once stopped and idling the oil pressure was 30 psi.

The other day I had a leak from the oil sensor. After having that fixed is when I noticed the higher pressure. So, i don't know if the PCM just needed some miles on it after the fix to read the oil sensor right. It was 95 degrees the other day when I had the leak fixed and the engine temp was 200 F, so it couldn't have been the oil not being viscous enough.

After this weekend I will bring it to the dealer for an oil change and ask them all to look at the sensor.

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