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26 degrees ATDC

Originally Posted by mayville1

How do you set cylinder 1 to 26degrees atdc(after top dead center). Where do you get these numbers from????
I cant seem to figure out how to set that help me on this.... PLEASE

Thanks, Josh!!!!
One word of caution when setting top dead center. Yes, pull number 1 plug and the reason for that is to tell whether you're on the compression or the exhaust stroke of the engine, you want the compression stroke. Otherwise you're 180 degrees out of phase and will spark on the exhaust stroke! With your finger over the plug hole you'll feel air trying to escape, then as the "TDC" mark on the vibration damper comes to the pointer, you'll know you're in firing position on number 1 cylinder. If there's no degree marks on the damper then you need a 'timing tape' attached to it to determine 26 degrees. I don't understand it's having started at first if the above {out of phase} is true, unless as some other folks have said, you jumped time, but a full 180 degrees is hard to imagine unless you've really got a stretched chain and the chain tensioner isn't in contact. Did it myself once 30 years ago on a '69, 302. Hope I've helped.

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