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Talking stroke 3.8 or swap to 4.2

hey, its my 1st post! well ive had my stang for a couple of years now and i have 18x9 saleens, racing seats, blue interior trim, and intake.

im tired of my lack of power.

i was looking into stoking or swaping to a 4.2 its my understanding that a swap is easier however i may have found a great deal on a 4.2 w/ 160k miles so i was thinking about just stroking the 3.8. (if wear wouldnt be an issue on the parts)

what do i need for stroking the engine

flex plate
internaly balenced crank pully, (upd or a stock crank pully for 01-04) anything else?

if shipping is going to get rediculous on the engine i will continue my search or maybe just get F/I ig i can get something relitivly cheap (dont have 3k tho.....)


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