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Originally Posted by Robs1stStang View Post
Here's a new development. My wife asked me a what if scenario. She said why don't you keep the car the way it is for the next few years, continue to save up, then buy into a GT500 or Boss 302. Interesting scenario. This has me thinking again. I have mainly focused on cosmetics for my present car and consider it 98% done, cosmetically. There is always room for something else I get that. But power wise I would like to have more. A supercharger would fix this issue. If I upgrade to a different car, then I would have to start over. If I supercharge it, the car is done.(don't flame me, I know its never really done, but for the sake of my wifes sanity it is)
Thoughts suggestions etc. I could really use some input.

Well...........Five years from now maybe you could or maybe you couldn't buy into a GT500 (that doesn't have the cosmetic mods you like) or a Boss 302 (that you'll want to supercharge anyway).

I say "maybe you could or maybe you couldn't" because five years equals 1,825 chances for a rainy day to completely take that thought process and that money and redirect it somewhere else.

Ask yourself this, "In the next five years is it conceivable that we might have a child, or more children, or decide we want a different house, or instead of buying the GT500 this year maybe we should redo the deck and the landscaping?" Take your pick man.

If your passion is your own Mustang GT that you've built and grown with over time...then you're on your way. Supercharge that bad boy and be proud of it. If your passion is a GT500 or a Boss 302 then those are great passions to have, but you're wasting time and money messing with a GT that will never be either of those things. If that's the case then sell/trade your '05 GT and the use the cash you had set aside for the supercharger and go find your GT500 or Boss 302 passion.

No one can tell you what will make you happy and I sure wouldn't dream of trying. I wish you the best of luck, peace of mind and loving support from home regardless of what you decide to do.

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