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Originally Posted by GWisAwesome
sister's 95 mustang with the v6

the car will randomly overheat sometimes driving down the highway, stop-and-go city traffic or idleing, doesn't have a preference.
it happens maybe 1 in 10 trips, but the other 9 could be for 100 miles with no problems.

it has a very slow leak, i havent noticed any water actually coming out but i notice a drop in the resorvoir from time to time, i dont know if this could be from the car getting so hot it evaporates or not.

i have replaced the thermostat, and i think they had a pressure test done on the radiator and a compression check on the cylinders, however im not sure about either.

it does not produce any smoke out of the exhaust, which is a sign i always use check for head so... i dont know, im not pro. just dont think thats the cause

the biggest mystery for me is why it is so seemingly random?
any ideas?
It's usually an air bubble in the system. If they did a pressure test, they may have left air in the system, and it will cause your engine to overheat when it hits certain spots in your system.

Could be head gaskets. check your oil.

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