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Originally Posted by lottathought
I have a 2000 V6 Mustang.
The car is running good with the exception of something with the suspension. (Still working on that one)

The car is coming up on the 100K mark though and it is making me think that it is time to do any major maint.

Of course I have always kept the oil changed.
The master cyl for the brakes has been changed along with the pads.
I flushed the brake lines last year.
I flushed the tranny (auto) and a new filter was put in.
New spark plug wires and new plugs.
Belts and hoses all look great.

What else needs to be done at the 100k mark?

BTW.....Do I need to change the water pump?
I have been getting conflicting advice on the pump from what I would consider to be reliable sources.

Some are telling me it is a maint issue.
Others tell me not to change it till it breaks down.
What is the rule of thumb and what is the downside to not changing it till it starts to go out?
No you don't need to mess with the water pump, unless it's failed. It's designed to last 200,000 miles.

You should lube the chassis, door hinges, etc. and probably clean the intake. You need a special cleaner that won't remove the teflon from the Throttle body. Spray the MAF sensor wires with computer contact cleaner - run some injector cleaner through the tank, change your fuel filter . . ..

if you have your owners manual, it's got the schedule in it . ..

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