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Originally Posted by Cdvision
They had a update on the evening news last night. The driver of the Black 06 GT was a "44 yr old" male and his passenger was a 36 yr old male. The female(I believe they said she was 25 yrs old) driving the other Mustang GT was handed several charges including impaired driving. Last year a guy in his fifties lost control of his Corvette and jumped the curb and killed a pedestrian. I don't buy your young driver theory. Drivers of all ages and experience levels are capable of losing control in the wrong place at the wrong time. On the street anything can happen. Add booze or drugs to the mix and it gets real ugly. Just be careful guys.

True, drivers of all ages can lose control of a car and do damage especially if booze is involved....but...I know that 7 times out of 10 when I see a car weaving through traffic driving like a complete nut or see two cars in an all-out street race the drivers of said cars appear to be under 25 years of age. I'm only speaking of what I've seen and in no way am I inditing all young drivers as "bad" drivers but in general I see a lot more young drivers acting crazy on the road then I do 40 something drivers. I guess there are reasons a lot of states have or are in the process of adopting laws that limit the time of day drivers under 18 can drive and how many passangers they can carry...too many fatal accidents involving "young" drivers.

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