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Originally Posted by Cdvision
They had a update on the evening news last night. The driver of the Black 06 GT was a "44 yr old" male and his passenger was a 36 yr old male. The female(I believe they said she was 25 yrs old) driving the other Mustang GT was handed several charges including impaired driving. Last year a guy in his fifties lost control of his Corvette and jumped the curb and killed a pedestrian. I don't buy your young driver theory. Drivers of all ages and experience levels are capable of losing control in the wrong place at the wrong time. On the street anything can happen. Add booze or drugs to the mix and it gets real ugly. Just be careful guys.
I think younger kids have less tolerance to peer pressure though, and the need to show off...that cpombined with a lack of experience racing gets them in trouble.

Although, I think younger people get into trouble because they have never gotten into an accident. They don't know how fast a car will come up on your front hood if the guy in front slams on their breaks at the last second, or how to get a car to right itself from a fishtail. It's all kinda like burning your hand on the stove as a kid. They may think they can handle the car like people do in the movies, but when you get shookenup nothing substitutes for experience.

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