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Originally Posted by tw0scoops123
I think younger kids have less tolerance to peer pressure though, and the need to show off...that cpombined with a lack of experience racing gets them in trouble.

Although, I think younger people get into trouble because they have never gotten into an accident. They don't know how fast a car will come up on your front hood if the guy in front slams on their breaks at the last second, or how to get a car to right itself from a fishtail. It's all kinda like burning your hand on the stove as a kid. They may think they can handle the car like people do in the movies, but when you get shookenup nothing substitutes for experience.
experienced or not, you have to put in mind that other people's lives are at risk here. Today, I wasn't racing anyone but I was going 140 km/s to catch up a stop light not to turn red, suddenly a cab driver pulls out from a traffic lane to switch to mine, I opened my eyes like "the paint job is ruined" and I didn't hit break, I took a hard turn to the right while honking and slightly breaking, I chased the taxi and pulled right in front and stopped in the middle of the road forcing him to stop too, I waved my hand like "come I wanna talk to ya", he apologized raising his hand several times, I forgave him. if I wasn't speeding, that wouldn't have happened, add to that the stupid cab driver.
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