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Originally Posted by 05PONYCAR
Since no one else is saying it, I will...

ALL street racing is STUPID and so are the drivers who engage in it.

There's nothing 'special' in being a certain age or having more driving experience, or "knowing your limits." Gee... When you smash yourself up or kill a pedestrian or take out an uninvolved vehicle or the idiot you're racing - I guess that's the LIMIT, eh?! If ya didn't know for sure before that - you'll know after it happens.

Too many variables - residential, highway, rural, wherever.

Take it to the track, people... Give the rest of us who may not move outta yer dang way fast enough - a flippin' break.

..................................hmm........well. ...okay i'll weigh in a lil bit...personally i find nothing wrong in streetracing..but i think some folks have it confused...streetracing isnt racing down a school block at 230pm...streetracing isnt racing down the highway at isnt called the midnight club for belief is that if you buy a really fast car and dont use it to go really fast thats pretty belief is that if you arent fast enough to get out of the way if you do happen to see headlights zipping toward you late at night you are either drunk or a moron anyway...if you go on the street and arent 100% aware of whats going on around you...get off the trucks dont even slow down at red lights when they race to a fire...and as far as only going to the track...ask dale earnhardt when you get to heaven how safe the track is...cause when you push a 3000 pound object 140mph it isnt safe no matter where you do all you keep it at the track guys are just as bad as the rest of us...i've seen more cars at the track fly into the audience than cars on the strip fly into the crowd.street racers arent all damn racer i know is a 56 year old guy in a souped up trans am that kicks up a mushroom cloud when he arrives.i get it though...its good to be passionate...but you'll convince a buncha gear heads to quit revvin on the other guy about the same time you convince harley guys that noise pollution is bad...wanna help save lives? i said it before...all those smokers smoking around other people are doing a hell of alot more damage than us lil ol others...hell theyre destroyin the damn earth...but okay fine...we agree to disagree...if you stay in the speed limit all the you go over it to zoom pass a car or cause youre in a rush, youre a hypocrit. guess what? the minute..the second you go above that speed limit ...youre a law breaker like the rest of us..."racin on a street"

why do all the guys from kill stories get so quiet when the streetracing debate starts...where are the men who smoke the chargers and the goats and kill the ricers...weigh in men...this is a mustang group and i know i am not the only guy who feels like i do......ooops...i forgot i'm stayin out of this one.....chuckle
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