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Originally Posted by Stoenr
I've seen enough home videos of street racers crashing into crowds and such, and the drivers who think their sheet don't stink.
You cant count for all the variables that can happen on the street.
It's your choice, your license, your car, your life, but if something goes wrong, you should pay dearly.
I'm sure the guy that crashed and died said I'm a good driver, nothing like that will ever happen.
Famous last words.
i agree isnt safe...but then i live in ny...walkin down the street isnt safe either...i would never say its safe bro...i'm only sayin its isnt the best but it damn sure isnt the worst bad habit to have

i've had some scary racin moments..i dont do it all the time...but sept 11,2001 proved to me i cant even plan a quiet day in the city and be safe...

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