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Originally Posted by 05PONYCAR
In Vegas, the idiots who die streetracing are doing it at 1:30 a.m. and crashing into light poles and walls AND innocent motorists.

Your arguments hold NO water whatsoever. Bottomline, at the track all you have are racers and spectators who KNOW THE RISKS (or should). Stuff happens (like Mr. Earnhardt). If it happens at the track, I feel bad for the drivers. If it happens on city streets - forget 'em. They should have known better.

And yes, 5twenty... It IS rather amusing, isn't it? :thumbsup a dying man an idiot...which innocent motorist did he crash into? or was it 2 cars racing you say..."knew the risks" let me point out that walking down a street you should at least if you have any intelligence know that a car crash could occur at any time and be a lil wary...whereas at a track you have a barrier that purports to keep you safe and yet i still see videos of cars flying into the crowd...where would a wise man feel safe? with a 4ft so called barrier separating him and the cars...or a 6inch curb? heres what bothers me...FAGS WHO CALL STREETRACERS IDIOTS AND PRETEND THAT THEY BOUGHT A 300HP GT TO SLOWLY NAVIGATE THE STREETS.BECAUSE THEY PRETEND THAT THEY NEVER EVER PUNCH IT ON A STREET.THEY ALWAYS GO TO THE TRACK...DIDNT 5TWENTY BURN RUBBER OUT OF THE DEALERSHIP? GUESS HE WASNT WORRIED ABOUT SOME LIL KID RIDING HIS LIL BIKE PAST THE LOT THEN WAS HE?AND THIS GUY CALLING STREETRACERS IDIOTS...HE WANTS US TO BELIVE HE LIVES IN SINCITY,BOUGHT A MUSTANG GT AND NEVER REVVED AT A LIGHT? COME ON NOW..i love when some accident happens and a some monday morning quarterback **** decides to jump on his week he'll be telling us a nice kill story but for now he'll attack a man dyin in a hospital as an'll have a drink for that dyin man and wish him well
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