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c'mon guys, relax.
Everyone's guilty of hammering the gas now and then, laying some rubber on occasion. But I think what most are getting at is racing side by side and 20+ over the speed limit is where the line needs to be drawn.

Sure something can happen at any speed. But my "opinion" if you go over 20 mph the posted limit, you are seriously changing the statistics, and that kind of driving should be at the track.

Again, my "opinion" there's nothing wrong with showing Mr. GTO or Mr. Charger how fast your pony gets up and goes to the speed limit, and maybe a few over. But to do anything more gets really dangerous.

Its fun I know! But keep it safe, and within reason of the speed limits.

And this coming from a guy who has buried the speedometer, I know hypocrite.
Late at night on an empty expressway, only me and the animals were at risk.

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