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Originally Posted by 05PONYCAR
Better get your facts straight, bud...

1. I'm a woman.
2. I drive a V-6 Mustang.
3. I've never revved at a light.
4. I've never had a 'kill' or tried for one.

Bottomline... Your comments about pedestrians being wary that an accident could happen...? Sure, of course they do. Accidents happen all the time. People have been killed here at bus stops. But were the drivers going 100 mph down a residential street? NO.

If a guy has a medical condition, loses his control of his vehicle during normal operation and kills someone THAT is an 'accident.' If a street racer kills that same person - it's voluntary manslaughter. You do the math.

People visiting the track DO know the risks. People walking down the street (or crossing the street) are also taking chances, but they shouldn't have to worry about being run down by giant egos out to prove that their engine (and their privates - and that goes for women, too) are bigger.

I stand by my words.
sorry...i didnt know you were a chick...then my bad...i understand your point...i thought you were a guy being i get your stance

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