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Hey NGHTRNNR-thanks for your honesty and keeping your cool. This could have gotten out of hand. I don't race through crowded streets, but i will admit to racing off of a light. As soon as My GT is clearly ahead, and it only takes a few seconds, I slow down. I rarely get up to any high rate of speed off of the line, the car is just so quick. I do speed. I'm surrounded by highways. It's not uncommon to be alone on the road in the middle of the day. If the sun is shining and the tunes are good, I'm flying low. I'm female and 40 years old. I'm married, have a son and pretty much obey most every other law I can think of. I've always loved to drive fast. At 12, my Honda XR75 went as fast as it could go everyday in the fields and deadend street where I grew up. I guess we all need to take it to the track. I guess it wouldn't kill us. Maybe it would save us! I have a feeling those of us who race or speed will continue to do so, and those who don't will shake their heads. NGHTRNNR,please be careful out there. I enjoy your posts and opinions and I admire your honesty. You and I are not in the same league, but I do see your side. I'm going to try to do better.
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