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street racing is bad umkay......but it is fun and the rush is awesome, but the tickets are big and the results may sometime suck......i have a short story that ended o.k. about street racing......this 911 porsche was jacking with me and my gurlfriend, i was in my then slightly modified 03' cobra , well we went at it hard and i had him covered pretty good so i was letting ,up there were 3 lanes . i was in the middle and he was on the right, i saw an unsuspecting car pull out from a side street ,dead in his lane, i hit the far left lane thinking he would follow. well he didn't , he locked it down hard and rearended the other car....the impact wasn't too bad luckily and nobody got hurt but the pride of the porsche driver and of course several thousands in damage....couldv'e been worse but ol' lady luck wuz with all.....makes you think , but then again how long do we live??? gatta have fun !!!!! and no i'm not young i am the time 35.....

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