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Originally Posted by MCA2011 View Post
Grampstang, yes everything works. As it turned out I used the PAC harness, but not the PAC LOC. Instead, I cut off the Molex connector and ran speaker wire to the trunk and used the amp high level signal. I figured, one way or another I have to use a LOC so I used the one built into the amp.

I never soldered in my driveway before, but I had fun with the whole project until the cursed fender liner pins tried to ruin my day.

The amp outputs run directly to the rear speakers and I returned the front pair of speaker wires and spliced that into the PAC harness as well.

Everything is tucked away throughout the cabin in convoluted wire loom and tape-wrapped. Under the dash and the engine bay looks like factory wiring. No wires show anywhere in the cabin. I just have some danglers behind the amp that I still need to clean up.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the completed install

Kenwood KAC-8405 with dual cooling fans and ambient lighting to match my Premium MyColor interior lighting.

Here you can see the driver-side bolt from the child anchor coming through a T-nut in the 1x4 beam.

To secure the rear end of the rack I used 2 1/2" angle brackets connect to one another in a "Z" shape. I used felt furniture pads to secure it in the center inside trunk cutout. There are 2 sets of pads on the bracket one is all the way inside the cutout
Wow!....That looks Nice Very clean.........Sean
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