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Originally Posted by Robs1stStang View Post
Yes I agree, we can chase the rainbow forever. That's why I've decided to keep the 05, and supercharge it. I figure I will keep it for a long time. I don't have an overwhelming urge to get a GT500 or Boss302. I'm happy with what I have. As far as I know there were only 512 made. More incentive to keep it.

Hey man, I'm happy for you that you've come to a decision with which you are comfortable.

Now that you've made the decision, let me tell you about a place here in Columbus, OH called Easton Town Center. It's an expansive outdoor, high end mall. It's full of Columbus, OH money and you can cut the pretense in the air with a knife.

It's also where on any given Friday or Saturday night from late Spring through early Autumn you can see Ferraris, Lambos, and an exponentially larger number of Porsches and Corvettes all parked in conspicuously plane sight and doing their slow cruise around the tiny, cobblestone, roads.

I wanted to paint the picture for you because in my 07' Mustang GT I can cruise right along with them and get just as many thumbs up and "Nice Car" hoots from the sidewalk traffic and the other drivers.

The Ferrari and Porsche guys are usually really cool. The Lambo and Corvette guys are usually too cool to talk to anyone but each other. But there has never been a time that I fired the Mustang up and heads didn't turn to see what it was.

Once I added the Detroit Rocker cams.... it only got better.

My point is simply to have fun with your car. When you love it, others will often times love it too and if they don't..... screw 'em. It's not their car anyway!

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