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Ok guys
I'm so tired of this clunk that I have from my rear passenger suspension. Any advice or experiences that you have are welcome. It sounds like I have a bad shock, when ever I drive over a rough road or the imperfection, it will make a cluck, cluck, clunk sounds. It's like something is loose down there. I have sr springs with orange konis all around, I only have them installed for a few months along with j &m lcas and panhard bar. It started to clunk about 3 months ago and I have been reading all of the clunk threads here and for a while. I have replaced my rear shock with a new koni orange about 3 weeks ago, the cluck was a little better but now it's back. I have replaced my oem sway bar end links with bmr and the clunks still there. So two days ago I installed my stock lcas back on, and guess what? It's still there. I also thought it might be my exhausts and I got some urethane bushing exhaust hangers for them, now my exhausts barly moves and it still clunks. It's so annoying to the point that I don't even enjoy driving my car any more. Please help
Hi deuce106,

I recommend you have your vehicle checked out at your Ford Dealer. Your Service Manager is in the best position to look into this for you. He can check into any warranty, recalls, or Customer Satisfaction Programs that may apply to your vehicle. Let me know the outcome. Have a great day!

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