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Because "stonecold" I raced one going up i-95 to raleigh NC. Besides your talking stock 05 specs vs modded 94 v6. I didn't even mention that I had the engine bored 15 over plus new comp cam and upper plenum. I have the dyno result to back up my bark (of oh say 235hp w/ 240 foot per pound torque). If your not going to be of any help than don't post. However, yes "red95gtconvert" the v6 automatic 94 are governed at 115 but because I changed the stock 7.5 ring and pinion w/3.27 gears with an 8.8 ford racing ring and pinion with locking 3.73 gears my tack is a little higher causing me to govern out at around 95-100 mph. Maybe it is just a rev limiter causing the car to feel like it's shutting off (the whole rev, jerk, slowdown motion). I know i found a website online that sold something that you could plug up to the car computer and a laptop that came with a program to do your own tuning ie. spark adv/ret, rev limit, speed limit, shift points for auto, and such, but i can't seem to google or yahoo to find that web site any more. If you know something please let me know.

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