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Originally Posted by tw0scoops123
Couple questions:

Do you guys who got a CAI and tune plan to go SUpercharger down the road? OR are you content with the CAI?

Which do you guys like better Evolution's tunes? Or Brenspeed? I know Brenspeed is great from what I hear, and so is Evo, however, Evo is about a 2 hour drive from my house and he has a dyno, so it might be more worth my while to get my stuff from him...
I'll probably stay N/A. Just can't justify the $4-6,000 to S/C. But may add a 75 shot down the road. Can't comment on the Evo tunes. The big 3 seem to been Evo, Bamachips, and Brenspeed. I've been very satisfied with my Brenspeed tune.

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