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Originally Posted by tw0scoops123
I guess ytou have to look at it like this:

A full tank costs you say 46 bucks @ 2.90 for 87.
What's another $3.20(an extra 20 cents per gallon)?

Say you spend 2200 bucks on gas per year(4 fillups per month), about another 144 bucks extra for the 93 every year...doesn't seem so bad now does it? :-P

or maybe it does...LOL sorry

PS my numbers were a little rounded so they might be off a couple dollars
A very good point twoscoops however I fill up about three times per week . I commute about 50 miles each way to work so it hurts a lil more than that. Either way I have stuck with the 93 tune because it just feels that much better. I guess thats the price I have to pay for the fun I want to have.....
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