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Is that how the Mustang should respond in the rain, or do I have a tire problem?

I picked up my 2014 manual v6 at the beginning of April. Since then, I've put on 8,700 miles, a few minor cosmetic things and a set of Roush axle-backs. I'm completely in love with this car, and I'm beyond happy to drive it to work every day. Now, one thing has been on my mine over the past two months...the handling. Let me explain.
I'm 23, and have owned 5 cars and driven dozens more so far. I've experienced a pretty decent range of handling characteristics and personalities , but the Mustang has stumped me. It's so strange (but awesome!) getting the solid rear feel of a truck, yet the highway comfort of a nice car. The main thing I've been a bit confused about it the handling in the wet.
My previous car was an '03 Forester 5spd on which I ran a new set of Michelin Defenders. It was a monster in the rain and snow...couldn't get it to hydroplane or spin a tire if I tried my hardest. I've driven it in 6"-8" of snow and ice and it never missed a beat. Needless to say, trading for the Mustang has been substantially different in just these past 4 very warm months. I really don't know if a large part of the problem is my tires (factory 235/40/18" Pirelli P-Zero Neros) or the suspension geometry of the Mustang. It seems to hydroplane at the slightest bit of water on a highway, and will get sideways at very very low amounts of throttle (which is of course a blast). I drive the car with a lot of respect and know the limits, but it's just very surprising at how free it feels in the wet. I've double and triple checked tire pressures hot and cold, and have tried nearly every pressure from 30-40psi. I'm just a bit worried as I live in East TN, and while the winters don't usually see large amounts of snow, we do typically get 2-4 months of 32F or below weather. I drive this car about 85 miles per day on my commute, and just want to ensure this winter won't be too much of a burden. I'm not opposed to purchasing a set of winter tires around October if I'll get a good performance increase in the cold weather.
Compared to my symmetrical AWD, the solid axle pony car is obviously a different world. Basically, just looking for a little insight from you guys that have been driving Mustangs much longer than I have.

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