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Streetability on the twin screws is probably the best of any power adder (there's a reason OE manufacturers pick positive displacement blowers and turbos for original equipment on performance cars).

Knowing you have a V6 (add info like this to your sig - it makes things easier), narrows your options somewhat. Post the details on the blowers on the V6 site - lots of folks will be interested.

I wonder what size serpentine belt they are contemplating? Usually, the belt MUST be the right size, esle you get some nasty problems with slippage, and aftermarket underdrive pulley sets often vary widely in the sizes of the pulley.

The price looks right (but I wager it doesn't include an intercooler at that price, nor does it necessarily have to have one with only 8psi of boost).

The kit SHOULD include injectors (though some don't). You can sell the Diablo unit for good money - be sure to put it back to original before you pull the plug. Nothing wrong with SCT - they still dominate the dyno market, though some folks are switching to Diablo.

As for damaging used cars, r & d SHOULD push the limits, but NOT when it comes to when you start selling to us consumers. Check the literature - most supercharged motors that fail do so because of poor tunes. Detonation kills. Its usually NOT the lack of forged internals or age of the motor, but the lack of a good tune!

You should know going in that you will encounter MANY opportunities to buy smaller blower pulleys (or larger crank pulleys, of both) to get "more". So long as you don't mind replacing motors, you can start your very own r&d effort, but I don't advise it...

I was at a recent show where a well-healed Cobra owner was belly-aching about his car eating up serpentine belts. I took one look at his car and saw that he had swapped to a 2.4 KB unit (nice unit of course), but was running a VERY TINY blower pulley. I asked him how much power he had, and he scowled and said "only 690 rwhp, and with that custom made pulley it should be more, and then the serpentine snakes off the thing and gets all wound up in the works"! He was convinced that the kb was a "piece of junk" and that he had wasted his money. I suggested he go back to the standard pulley size that came with the kb, and he looked at me like I was crazy. "That thing was no good - the most power it would make was about 600rwhp."

No duh.

By now he's doubtless trashed the cobra motor, still convinced that Ford and Kenne Bell are to blame, not him and the fly-by-night machine shop in Florida that sold him a micro-sized pulley.

Originally Posted by nitrous36
Thanks for the all the tips and help youve been giving. I decided not to get a centrifigal SC anymore. While browsing the web I discovered a roots blower and twin screw SC in development for the V6. Ironically they recommend you have underdrive pulleys to safely generate 8 psi of boost without overboosting and destroying the engine with normal sized pulleys. It will sell for under 3000. Like you said it will be easier to install than a Cen SC or TT kit and best of all no lag. I will need new injectors which may be included in the kit but sadly I may have to dump the Diablo sport tune b/c it comes with a SCT chip. Its been in development for 2 years now and has come along nicely. The guys have damaged a few motors but not from SC kitbut from using used motors from wrecked cars. But you take a chance on used motors. You get what you pay for with things like that.


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