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Originally Posted by GTRaptor
When selecting wheels, the width is important but also the offset (the wheel offset is the distance from the hub mounting surface to the centerline of the wheel). So you better ask and test-try before buying.

With the correct offset a 10" wheel will fill the gap almost completely.

About the springs, my suggestion is not to lower more than 1.5, so go with the 1.2 drop. Doesnt seem like much, but i think ride quqlity is more important than looks. If you lower to much the ride quality will suffer, it affects suspension geometry and also suspension travel. The more you lower the harsher the ride and the more unpredictable it becomes, unless you spend another sum with corrective parts such as CC plates, bumpsteer kits, etc.
That and going too big on tires and wheels will sap all the torque out of the car due to rotational mass.

I wouldn't go any larger than 17X8 (16x8 is better to keep the pep in the step) and if you want to fill out the fenderwells, Eibach makes good lightweight spacers.

The rotational mass is added at the hub instead of the outside of the wheels. Much better for acceleration and handling.

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