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I dont know where they are in the development phase now. From what I saw searching (and I searched all I could) there have not been any follow ups or updates since sometime last year. Maybe they abandoned it or decided to keep it hush hush until they release the final product to avoid all the questions. The two SCs will be a Eaton M90 (the roots blower) but not a used one pulled from a Tbird. It will be brand new in the kit with new injectors, fuel rail, carbon fiber intake, and other stuff. It will make around 8 to 9 psi of boost. Its the starters kit. Then there is the AR twin screw supercharger that makes 20 psi which is or was being made for the V6. Its more advanced for those ready to take it further and requires stronger engine internals to run it. Its similar to the Cobras M112 SC. There is still alot of info up in the air though. Knowing that there are diff sized UD pulleys I wondered how that would work out with the SC. They say you will have to tell them you applications and they would ship a kit based on your apps. So I guess the UD pulleys will be taken care of in that.
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