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Just mentioned the kb's (ok, I cut and pasted some generic boilerplate from my files) because he mentioned an "experimental" twin screw (no source listed). Generally, the kb's are considered good examples of twin screw blowers, and what goes for them might well equate to a V6 (they may not make a V6 kit, but I really don't know why not - their small 1.7 and earlier blowzilla items are no longer than a small M unit). Must be a problem with the intake.
Shame, really, with the numbers of 3.8's sold over the years. Odd that they don't see the market...

The turbos will usually run you at least 40% more than a basic sc install - though you often get headers and lots of others parts for that money. I looked into a kb for my GT, and after I added the Tubular K member, tubular A arms, headers and coil overs, it cost essentially the same as a turbo install. Makes sense, given the maxim that you "get what you pay for".

The rep for turbos being hard on bottom ends is a little dated. Tuning for a turbo (or a sc for that matter) has moved from a dark art to a commodity. Lots of the past history has more to do with lack of knowledge to tune these engines than any inherent problem with the concept. Bad tunes have destroyed more motors than any other problem source EXCEPT bad owners! Turbos in particular are prone to "lets tighten the wastegate down just a LITTLE bit more and see what happens". Blooee.

With sc's its "I know a guy who will sell us a pulley that will give us 300 more rwhp!" Blooee, again. I've argued with buddies in the throes of adding tiny pullies to their expensive cobra motors, then walked away rather than share in the inevitable disaster. I USUALLY made it to my car before loud noises and cursing announced the conclusion of the experiment...

All things in moderation. I've read the packages from a number of sc and turbo makers, and the one common thread is the part where "...tampering with the pulley size (or swapping to another type wastegate) WILL void your warranty."

The MMFF guys have been thrashing stock bottom end V8's (though I don't believe they are doing the same with the V6) for quite a while, and the consensus is that detonation and over-revving kill more motors than any other cause. Even stock bottom ends putting out "more hp than they should" rarely fail until either the tune gets out of wack, or some idiot defeats the rev limiter.

Keep it real (and within the specs of the unit) and you can get a good, long life out of either sc's or turbos. Properly fed turbos tend to exceed the horsepower production of sc's producing the same boost level, ie, the modest gains from an 8psi sc are often lower than those produced with an 8psi turbo. Its like comparing clockspeeds between computers - there is more to the overall real world speed of the computers than the clocking of the processors.

KS, weren't you considering such a sc install at one point?

Originally Posted by kscoyote
Kenne-Bells don't work with V6s, Only Eaton, and only with the T-bird SC heads.

There is little lag time with the good turbo or twin turbo kits, but they are quite expensive, and unless you have a pretty stout bottom end, tend to do nasty things to the bottom end, unless boost is set to 7-9 psi.

Re: side exhaust, Roush makes a nice kit, also check out Spintechs with tthe Cobra R tips, also check out Borla.


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