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Originally Posted by tripleblack
KS, weren't you considering such a sc install at one point?
Yep, just waiting for the current engine to die. Hitting 130,000 miles this week. Assembling the parts I want as they become available, or cheaply acquired.

Got the upper and lower intake manifolds for $20 ap piece, and am just about finishing the polish work on the upper. I've been finding all kinds of cheap Kenny Brown hardware, and I've now gotten just about everything I want except the K-member and the seat tracks for 50% off or better.

Found a 94-5 Kenny Brown K-member for $300-350 (I'd pick it up if I were still planning the all-aluminum 302 -but I'm bound and determined to build the six) but no deals, so far, on the one I need.

Looking for cheap heads . . . I'll probably just go to the salvage yard down the road if no super deals come along.

For the bottom end, I'm picking up a complete SC engine, taking the forged bits and selling the rest on E-bay (heads, intake, rebuilt SC, block, brackets, etc) -

The forged parts I want should end up being free -I may end up making a profit . . .

What I've got done so far . . .

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