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Originally Posted by tripleblack
I hope you're keeping good records and pics of everything. Looks like an automatic mag article if you can get her finished and looking pretty. You certainly have the writing skills. Its the sort of thing that MMFF would jump at.

I'll keep an eye peeled for those tbird heads. There's a group of real crazies herabouts that really loves the old tbirds, and some of them also have several later models (several have supercoupes). Might be a source in there sormewhere.

What sort of exhaust do you plan to use? Do they make headers for this sort of swap?
I'm not planning to leave it auto, I only got the auto so Jasmine could drive it if necessary . . . I want to use the CTS-V 6 speed, if I can talk someone into fabbing a bellhousing. -The ratios are more amenable to the 3.8L, less of a dropoff in 3rd as opposed to the T-56, but I'll go T56 if I have to.

Once it's rebuilt, it won't be a daily driver anymore.

I'm not looking for SC heads, They flow horribly -I'll sell the heads, intake, and the Eaton M90.

the 01+ split-port heads naturally aspirated make almost as much power as the SC.

All I want from the SC engine are the pistons, rods, and the crank. But I'll have to send the crank off to be zero-balanced . ..

A set of rebuilt T-bird SC heads used to go for $800, I figure I can sell the rebuilt Eaton M90 & intake for 600 at a minimum and the block and brackets, etc. for $200-300 minimally . .. So I get the rotating assembly for free.

If I make any money off it, it will go for modding the crank.

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