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01+ for a 3.8 should be easy to find - I just saw some at a swap meet. I'll pm you with data if I find a deal - what would be a good price? Shouldn't cost that much - probably something like $100 a pair used. As I recall, these were on display as samples at a booth where the guy and his partner were selling custom chrome services - the heads had been chrome plated (might have been just for show - doubt if they had them machined properly to compensate). Must admit I gave them just a glance.

Have you checked into any of the jaguar trannys? Will any of them fit? Jaguar has some very fine manuals, including some designed to fit V6 motors. Have you thought of just upgrading to a 3650? It will bolt right in, and if you build it right, its very stout. The T56 is a heavy booger, and notchy feeling (you might want to test drive one). I really don't think ANY of the Ford manuals are particularly great - though I haven't really driven a new GT with a good shifter yet. That oe shifter is too rubbery for my taste.

I'd check out the oil pump swap for the forged parts - you might need some minor clearancing to fit your block.

Originally Posted by kscoyote
I'm not planning to leave it auto, I only got the auto so Jasmine could drive it if necessary . . . I want to use the CTS-V 6 speed, if I can talk someone into fabbing a bellhousing. -The ratios are more amenable to the 3.8L, less of a dropoff in 3rd as opposed to the T-56, but I'll go T56 if I have to.

Once it's rebuilt, it won't be a daily driver anymore.

I'm not looking for SC heads, They flow horribly -I'll sell the heads, intake, and the Eaton M90.

the 01+ split-port heads naturally aspirated make almost as much power as the SC.

All I want from the SC engine are the pistons, rods, and the crank. But I'll have to send the crank off to be zero-balanced . ..

A set of rebuilt T-bird SC heads used to go for $800, I figure I can sell the rebuilt Eaton M90 & intake for 600 at a minimum and the block and brackets, etc. for $200-300 minimally . .. So I get the rotating assembly for free.

If I make any money off it, it will go for modding the crank.


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