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My SUV brokedown the day my newborn was born. She rode home in the stang. I managed to put a new infant carrier seat in there, anchored to the hooks. I'm still getting therapy on my back from being hunched over trying to stuff it in there . Getting her in and out sucked a$$!
Originally Posted by glyppus
For those few Mustang owners with kids...hehe...

Has anybody successfully put a forward facing car seat in the back seat of the Mustang?

We have a minivan and a daily beater as the primary kiddie rides, but when the beater dies, I might need to drive junior around in the GT (BTW - Scheduled for build the week of 6/27! ). Can anyone suggest a brand of car seat that worked well for them in the Mustang?

I know there are anchors back there for car seats, but those back buckets look pretty small, plus I'd like to have some room left over for anybody in the passenger seat.

Any thoughts?
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