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Originally Posted by tripleblack
01+ for a 3.8 should be easy to find - I just saw some at a swap meet. I'll pm you with data if I find a deal - what would be a good price? Shouldn't cost that much - probably something like $100 a pair used. As I recall, these were on display as samples at a booth where the guy and his partner were selling custom chrome services - the heads had been chrome plated (might have been just for show - doubt if they had them machined properly to compensate). Must admit I gave them just a glance.

Have you checked into any of the jaguar trannys? Will any of them fit? Jaguar has some very fine manuals, including some designed to fit V6 motors. Have you thought of just upgrading to a 3650? It will bolt right in, and if you build it right, its very stout. The T56 is a heavy booger, and notchy feeling (you might want to test drive one). I really don't think ANY of the Ford manuals are particularly great - though I haven't really driven a new GT with a good shifter yet. That oe shifter is too rubbery for my taste.

I'd check out the oil pump swap for the forged parts - you might need some minor clearancing to fit your block.

Nah, the whole rotating assembly drops in -the balance is different, but it can be zero balanced -Would also like to -what's the word for when they slice the crank to keep it from wacking the oil?

If I found a pair of heads for $100, I'd be mighty happy, -the shops were asking $200 each for cores -I haven't checked lately, I'm sure supply is up -at one point they were around 400.

-Just checked - cores are $100. The cheapest I've seen on e-bay is $400, and they run $200 around here so for the region, $100 is a good buy.

Really wanting a 6 speed, and the AY6 and the T-56 weigh about the same, but the gearing is a little better . .. Hadn't looked at Jaguar, but I'm guessing they would be pretty expensive. I can't think of any ford transmissions that would work, except the stuff out of Australia, but then I'm looking at importing again . ..


Aisin AY6 transmission
Aisin AY transmission
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The AY-6 is a 6-speed manual transmission manufactured by Aisin. It is designed for longitudinal engine applications and can handle up to 345 ftlbf (468 Nm) of torque.

General Motors used the AY-6 as RPO MV1.

I'm going to work this out real quick.

T56 * 1.58

1 - 4.20
2 - 2.81
3 - 2.05
4 - 1.58
5 - 1.17
6 - 0.79


1 - 4.15
2 - 2.33
3 - 1.53
4 - 1.15
5 - 1.00
6 - 0.79

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