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Originally Posted by Robs1stStang View Post
Yes i am going with the Roush TVS. I was originally thinking paxton but was swayed by the dark side.

Dude, don't underestimate the power of the Dark Side

As far as the rear diff goes; I raced the entire '09 season on the stock diff. I didn't replace it until 2010. I also ran entirely stock brakes until just a couple of months ago when it was time to replace the discs anyway. I upgraded to the Powerslot rotors and Hawk pads, not because it was critically necessary, but I just have this philosophy that when it's time to replace a part I always upgrade if I can.

I had some of the same worries, though. "What am I gonna break due to added power and torque?"

I have extended the life of my transmission by minimizing the 5-3 downshift that the auto likes to make when you stomp on it at 65mph. When I want to stomp on it, I make sure I'm somewhere below 55mph and then I manually shift down to 3rd...let the car shift...hammer the gas and bump it back into drive. The car can upshift with the pedal on the floor all day long and just eat it up.

On the stock 5r55s trans, the input shaft doesn't like the 5-3 downshift with an extra 200hp behind it at 5000 RPM. As long as you "roll" into the gas pedal with your foot, and don't neglect your maintenance, I can't conceive of any problems that you'll have.

I rolled over 106K miles last month with the original block, rotating assembly, torque converter and trans.

To help avoid wheel hop and axle wind, which are hard on your drive shaft, I would look at upgrading your lower control arms next.

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