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Originally Posted by stangness
hey everyone im new here and have 96 stang .... its putting out 150hp i believe but im not satisfied with that because ive got my ass handed to me quite a few times .. so i was thinking about swaping my engine to 4.2. im wondering how much hp i would be putting out with that and if it is good idea to swap the engine because i dont want to damage my ride. i have to keep this car for couple of more years so yeah. also how much would the swapping cost, i have about 1500 on me right now so you think i would be able to get low milage, good conditioned engine and get installed in that price range... and right now im running 0-60 in 9.8s but with that 4.2 what'll be my 0-60 .. any estimates ... anyways guys thanks for taking your time and reading the post :shiny:
You'll just want to swap in the block, the intake won't clear.

You should move to mid-6's in th e0-60. You won't get much more hp, because of the restriction in heads and intake, but if you put a 3/4" spacer between teh upper and lower intake your hp should jump to 215-217hp.

the 4.2L makes 202-205 hp, but 255-260 ft/lbs of torque. The Mustang has a more aggressive tune, and you'll neet a programmer of chip to run the combination so with a proper tune, it could go up 7-15 +- more depending on octane, etc.

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