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Originally Posted by rick_sudac View Post
Spoke to Ford Racing today and they figure the steering issue is a result of my bump steer kit changing the front geometry. I will remove it this fall when I get a chance and see if that rectifies the problem
I don't think this is correct. If your car is lowered (not mentioned) you need a bump steer kit. When the heim joints of the bump steer kit wear out, you would hear "noise" not feel a vibration. I had some faulty heim joints in my bump steer kit (lowered on coilovers) and the only thing it did was "rattle" over small irregular bumps. Had no vibration at all. Vibrations are generally from overly stiff and/or worn out bushings, or parts that have gone bad, not changing geometry... Besides, it doesn't happen all the time as you stated, only under certain conditions like wetness/temp. The geometry would be the same regardless of exterior conditions, so the vibration would always be there.....
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