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Originally Posted by mustang9584
I actually just got the car a few weeks ago, it had it when i purchased it. No other people that checked out the car with me thought it was a big problem so we bought it anyways because we got a good deal

Would an exhaust leak make it do that just when its cold?
yeah, the metal contracts when it's cold and expands when it heats up.

It could be normal, seeing as how you just got the car. The 3.8L v6s have tubular exhaust manifolds that don't cover up the firing of the pistons very well. Mine has ticked since day one, and the one I had before it did, too.

Get the exhaust checked for leaks if it's really loud, but without hearing it, I can't say one way of the other.

Actually, just get it checked for leaks, it's under recall, and it doesn't hurt to have it checked out.

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