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Originally Posted by johnrhance View Post
I picked up my 2014 manual v6 at the beginning of April. Since then, I've put on 8,700 miles, a few minor cosmetic things and a set of Roush axle-backs. I'm completely in love with this car, and I'm beyond happy to drive it to work every day. Now, one thing has been on my mine over the past two months...the handling. Let me explain.
I'm 23, and have owned 5 cars and driven dozens more so far. I've experienced a pretty decent range of handling characteristics and personalities , but the Mustang has stumped me. It's so strange (but awesome!) getting the solid rear feel of a truck, yet the highway comfort of a nice car. The main thing I've been a bit confused about it the handling in the wet...
Hello johnrhance,

I recommend you have them checked out at your dealer to make sure there’s nothing else going on. Then, PM me with your VIN, dealer, full name, mileage, and best daytime number so I can escalate this to the customer service manager for your area.

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