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Originally Posted by kscoyote
THere was never a 3.3L Fox . . .
You are very mistaken. The 3.3L or 200 cu in I6 with 1bbl carb was widely used in Mustang, Fairmont, Zephur, Capri from '79 to '81 for sure. It came with 3spd automatic or 4spd manual RAD or 3spd w OD RUG/SROD...Ford threw both manual trannys in these cars and adjusted the rear axle gear accordingly.

The 2.8L V6 2bbl was cancelled midyear in '79 & it was generally equipped with a RUG/SROD or C3 automatic.

There are many folks on this forum who own a 3.3L Mustang (lol).

I think it was available until the 3.8 V6 debuted. That I am not sure about.
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