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88 Mustang Aftermarket Alarm, Instant Arm, Cannot Disable.

Okay, I have just managed to finish working on my car to make it road worthy. Lo and behold, after I take it for a spin around the block twice and park it and turn it off, the alarm arms. Its on silent mode, however I know its armed because both all turn signals flash and so does the dashboard backlight. The alarm was previously put in silent mode but that didn't affect the fact that my control cannot disable the alarm. I have to disconnect the battery. Once I reconnect, the alarm insta arms again and I cannot unarm from my controller. It locks the doors automatically also, but I can still get in with my key, and put my key to "on", but still won't start.

So my problem now is, my car doesn't respond to both of my controls.
I got the car with the alarm and I have absolutely NO idea how to work it except that it has an ignition killswitch that is now enabled and won't start. I can still start it from bridging the solenoid. I managed to sort out my PREVIOUS issue of my car not starting, a tiny wire was disconnected from the starter solenoid without my noticing.

There is a tiny button connected to the alarm system, I'm not sure if its a reset button or not. I pressed it and nothing happened. I hope someone can give me insight. This is a pretty neat alarm when it functioned correctly when I first got the car...

Hope someone helps. Thanks. Attached is my alarm control. It is a Gravity Alarm, with Ignition Killswitch Relay and Shock Sensor. Should be similar to the Viper alarm systems.

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