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Originally Posted by Intense View Post
Is it a kit where they will, at least, have some drop in springs. That's the best route to go in my trained point of view. To those pushing the envelope, that stuff doesn't matter but for those who want simplicity, that's the most marketable way to go about it and will open doors to more grinds later possibly. Just a suggestion if it hasn't already been discussed.

Oh....MORE than "just" enough spring pressure to get the job done too please. lol Like add 25lb to both seat and open pressure over what cam companies typically recommend. This accounts for loss of psi as miles are put on and the springs settle. This is a case where a little more is better than not enough or just enough.

I assume it'll be stock lift to keep it an easy swap without searching through several boxes of "bucket" to achieve the desired lash. Then there's installed height of the spring, stem protrusion of where the locks actually locate, etc. Just more aggressive ramps to get more duration under the lift curve?
Ha, you think the same way I do. Lift is being slightly increased, overlap moreso. Profiles being modded so as not to require tweaking of the cam tables in the ECU. Custom springs being made.

STMotorsports is looking at a complete kit for purchase. If you are in SoCal, they will install the kit. To include crank, pistons, rings, rods, heads, valves, valve springs, cams, etc., Damper Valve length on my engine is left oversize until cams are matched to heads, and valve stem can be machined to requirements.

Right now cam profile is being checked installed in heads, as valves were received this week. Preparation for master cam, hence the whole reason for this thread. If the article in MM and FF comes to fruition, lots of info will be provided.

I just got my personalized license plates SLEEPR 6. Can't wait to see this mustang on a dyno.

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