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Originally Posted by Godlik3
Ok, 98 v6, true dual flows. How much of an improvement are 4.10s? I need to know anything you can tell me.

How big of a deal to install?
Speed/Acceleration improvement?
Stress engine (auto)?
Good for everyday driver?

My car is an everyday driver, but I tend to race at any chance I can get and would love an advantage over other sixbangers. Help if you can. Thanks
I have a 2002 V6 with 4:10's... I love them I can take GT's off the line, and sometimes win...

I installed them myself, it was not really that hard... To get them installed is going to be $200-$350.... My car is an everyday driver... at 100MPH the engine is at 3400 RPM's...

I have not really seen a decrease in MPG... since the difference in the highway and city balanced out well... i get aroung 25MPG average...

02 stang, True Dual exhaust, CAI, 4.10 gears, 180 Thermostat, Diablosport tuned, dropped 2", Cross Drilled rotors, Zri Fuzion Tires, GT RSB + more
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